As a general contractor we provide the materials, management, and labor required to complete the job. Throughout our years of construction, we have established a wide range of skilled subcontractors; and they have proven to be a valuable resource in our endeavors as a company. This resource ensures that we have a skilled professional for every job; and because we have worked side by side with them for years, we are confident that they will produce the quality we aim for. So whether your job is large or small, you can trust that we will only employ companies and professionals that are sure to produce lasting and admirable work. 

We have high standards here at Bumpass Construction Services, and the biggest implementation of those standards are our experienced and versatile project managers. They are skilled in both the execution and organization of a project. These skills enable them to run an efficient and proactive job site that will ensure our work is quality and timely. In addition, we pride ourselves in our emphasis on teamwork within our company. By building a strong, positive relationship with our employees, as well as our clients, we are able to create an enjoyable but yet professional work environment. The happiness of our employees leads to quality work and quality work leads to the happiness of our clients. 

​​​At Bumpass Construction Services, we enjoy being a part of all aspects of the building experience. With our preliminary services, we consult and partner with engineers and specialized experts to construct a design and plan. By outlining the scope of work, we can ensure the construction process is effective, timely, and cost conscious. During our pre-construction planning, we are able to provide you with:

  • ​Project Scope
  • ​Site Plan and Site Evaluation
  • ​Electrical
  • ​Equipment List 
  • ​Piping Diagrams 
  • ​Procurement Plan 
  • Design
  • ​Project Schedule 
  • Risk Analysis 

Design Build 

 General Contracting 

Pre-Construction Services

Construction Management 


With our design build services, we provide you with not only our general contracting work but also pre-construction services. This service is optimum for establishing a clear line of communication within a project. Design build leaves no gap for errors between the designers and contractors because it combines those processes into one company. With our vast network of partnerships and employees, we are able to effectively complete this process and ensure that your design build project runs smoothly.